Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Powers Collection #4

Traditionally, for a variety of reasons, I refrain from posting complete chunks of comic book narrative in this blog. Last week's nostalgic foray into the bygone era of the Super Powers Collection sparked some interest, however, and I'm willing to make an exception. Here, by popular demand, is the Super Powers Collection Flash mini-comic in its entirety. (For those just joining us, a review of Super Powers Collection #4 launched our anniversary crossover, the latest "Crisis on Earth-Blog," early last week.)

Thrill to the triumphant sights of the crimson comet averting disaster and saving innocent lives! Read on in horror as the ghastly alien android Brainiac captures the members of the Justice League one-by-one! Most significantly of all, see if you can resist the pull of the powerful subliminal marketing techniques concealed throughout these colorful panels. Truly, this is comic book storytelling at its most commercial.

Enjoy, boys and girls!


collectededitions said...

Got to love Brainiac's "Bah!" at the end. Thanks for posting this.

Dixon said...

Yes, that last panel cracks me up. It's even funnier once you see that several of the Super Powers mini-comics end in this very same way, with an incapacitated villain muttering a bitter, "Bah!"

IADW said...

This was my first intro to the Flash - thanks for posting it up! My original copy is slightly worn by now.

Dixon said...

Really, Dan? Wow, that's great! In that case, I'm doubly glad that I could post the entire comic here.