Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick Quiz: Casting Call

More than a year after the release of The Dark Knight, it looks as though things are finally beginning to line up as they should over at Warner Bros. Though the journey has ironically been slow and drawn-out, some promising progress is being made on The Flash feature film. Geoff Johns has submitted a script treatment for the film and has also signed on as a producer. Additionally, both Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman have been hired by the studio to act as consultants on various upcoming DC Comics superhero movies. It looks as if the next epic Warner Bros. release to hit theaters, however, will be Green Lantern. The long-awaited comic adaptation has a brilliant, accomplished director at the helm in the form of Martin Campbell. And in a development that will fluster most fans of the fastest man alive, none other than Ryan Reynolds, the man hand-picked by David Goyer as the perfect match for Wally West, an actor who campaigned for years to win the role of the scarlet speedster, has been cast as hero Hal Jordan!

It's been a long time since our last Quick Quiz poll and, with all this cinematic excitement in the air, it's only fitting that Crimson Lightning's monthly reader poll return with a question that has confounded and divided comic fans for years. When The Flash debuts at a theater near you, who should portray the fastest man alive? As Ryan Reynolds has traded in those wing-tipped yellow boots for a power ring, we're still no closer to a clear-cut choice. Does Neil Patrick Harris, who voiced the character in the animated Justice League: The New Frontier, possess the nerdish charm to breathe life into Barry Allen in a live action adventure? Might the talented Anton Yelchin imbue the character with an appropriate mixture of wit and youthful vigor? Should we consider Paul Walker for the role simply because he's associated in the minds of moviegoers everywhere with films that are obsessed with speed? Help Crimson Lightning cast The Flash by voting in this month's Quick Quiz poll, to be found in the righthand sidebar.

This is destined to be one of our most controversial polls to date and, quite honestly, I look forward to the ensuing arguments. More than ever, I encourage you to elaborate on your choice using the comment facility below. Are the listed choices wholly unsuitable? Is there an ideal actor who has been left off the list? For that matter, precisely what role is being cast in this poll? Should the film feature Jay, Barry, Wally, or Bart? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

As always, a review of the results will be posted--and debated--once the poll has closed.

Addendum: A similar survey is taking place over at the Aquaman Shrine, where Rob Kelly is asking readers to cast an Aquaman feature film! (A visit to Atlantis may be closer than you think! The film is set to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio through Appian Way Produtions.) What master thespian could rightly embody the wise and majestic king of the seven seas? Find the match and win a prize! Be sure to visit the Aquaman Shrine to participate in the Aquaman Casting Call Contest.


Craig MacD. said...

If Wally West is the star of the movie, I think Ryan Reynolds would have done a good job, but I think Barry Allen will be the star (his origin is a bit easier to do than Wally's) and Mark Valley seems to be a good choice for him. If not, I'd suggest Colin Ferguson from the tv show Eureka.

Dixon said...

Colin Ferguson! That's a brilliant choice, Craig, and one that I've never heard suggested before. I'm a big fan of Eureka and Ferguson is just the sort to capture all of Barry Allen's requisite qualities. (I can't believe this never occurred to me. I'm terrible at this casting thing.) Good call!

KentButabi said...

That is a good call; however he's 37 years old. Of course, Shipp was roughly the same age but I don't think he looked as... rough.

Maybe it's the ever-present five o'clock shadow?

KentButabi said...

I can't believe Neil Patrick Harris is in the lead. First of all, too skinny. Secondly, not tough enough. John Wesley Shipp seemed like he could kick butt whether or not he actually could.

I voted for Connor Trinnear simply b/c I have no idea who should be case. But NPH? No way.

Zeke said...

I doubt I'll find many allies on this point, but I'm actually not delighted that Geoff Johns is writing it. I'd rather have someone who's experienced at writing films, not comics. There are lots of comics fans in the film-writing business; it surely wouldn't be hard to find a Flash fan. Of course, the assistance and advice of comic writers like Johns would be essential, but he shouldn't be taking the lead.

Also, this is just my personal hobby horse as a Flash fan, but I think Johns gets too much credit. His mastery of continuity may surpass even Mark Waid's, and he's a great plotter, but he doesn't have Waid's talent with character. Wally West as written by Waid or by Bill Messner-Loebs is relatable, flawed, and above all, entertaining. As written by Johns, he actually bores me sometimes, and he's been my favourite comics character since I was a kid.

And don't get me started on what Johns did to Impulse. Or his weird obsession with proving he respects the blue-collar world, to the point where he's got Wally, a physics grad, acting like he doesn't know science. Or... well, you get the idea. Johns is a solid writer, but Flash isn't his best book. I'd rather he stuck with Hal Jordan, who's always bored me.

By the way, glad to see this blog active again! I'd given up on it a while back.