Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fast Talk: Vibration Recorders

Vibration Recorders: The denizens of Gorilla City are simply amazing. On the list of exotic locations in the DC Universe that I'd most like to visit, Gorilla City ranks right up there, if only so that I could marvel at their architectural and technological achievements. Just consider their communications infrastructure. In a moment of great urgency, with the flick of a toggle switch, the great leader and scientist Solovar is connected with the city's equivalent of directory assistance. Imagining a telecommunications system operated and maintained entirely by diligent apes is outrageous enough--heck, seeing Solovar chatting on the telephone is worth this comic book's cover price--but the telephone operators here have some incredible information at their fingertips. Solovar needs to track down his good friend the Flash in a hurry, and what better way to accomplish that than to lock on to the crimson comet's disctinctive vibrations? In Gorilla City it seems that "the vibration recorders would automatically have recorded his vibration-frequency." The operator is quick with a response: "You were right, scientist Solovar! Our records did register Flash's vibration-aura! The number is gamma frequency 54-8321!" And it's printed right there on a handy three-by-five index card. Now that's what I call information services! Of course, by posting this scene as this week's installment of Fast Talk I have very publicly disclosed the precise frequency of the scarlet speedster's vibratory aura. I must insist that you demonstrate the wisdom and integrity of Solovar himself, boys and girls, and that you use this information only for the purposes of good, not evil.

Issue: The Flash #107 (June-July 1959)

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