Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ad Run: Armagedon 2001 (1991)


Mad Mac Genius said...

I wish that DC would've stuck to their guns, despite the word getting leaked out early, and made Cpt. Atom the one who ends up in that suit.

....oops! Hope I didn't spoil that for anyone.

What was interesting around that time, not to change the subject, was the storylines the Flash went through, since the '87 relaunch. A lot of variety, not a lot of multi-issue plots, but enough to justify spending a couple of Washingtons on our Fleet Feet hero.

KentButabi said...

I remember when this ad first came out it featured Wally in the pre-shiny suit. Later ads conformed to what was happening in the book and his look was altered.

I never heard about the leak; however, I was a little disappointed with the end result. I really didn't knwo about Hawk & Dove up until then.

One of the Superman annuals was awesome. The Flash tie-in... not so much.