Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fast Talk: Redefining Impossible

Redefining Impossible: The weekly Fast Talk feature is dedicated to observing those comic book scenes in which The Flash seems to flaunt a casual disregard for the limitations of science but, as the deranged ramblings of the Rogues often suggest, perhaps we simply need to shift our perspective on things a little. With cold guns, weather wands, and trick mirrors achieving the impossible on a regular basis, perhaps it's our terminology that's in error. The third chapter of Mark Waid and Greg LaRocque's "Born to Run," presented in The Flash (v.2) #64, chronicles Kid Flash's chilling first encounter with the Mirror Master. Upon discovering Sam Scudder's invisible fortress on the outskirts of Central City, Wally gazes in terrified wonder upon the incomprehensible contents of the villain's lair. He reflects that the Mirror Master's technological wizardry "redefined the word impossible." Nothing is simple in the world of the scarlet speedster and absolutely anything is possible! Given the nature of our universe, perhaps we should be prepared to redefine impossibility at a moment's notice. In light of this expanded view of scientific possiblities and accurate phraseology, however, it would be downright misleading to characterize the Mirror Master's arsenal as consisting of "ordinary mirors," particularly considering the fact that Kid Flash is soon swallowed whole by one!

Issue: The Flash (v.2) #64 (Early June 1992)

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KentButabi said...

I've long suspected that there is more to the abilities of the Mirror Master than meets the eye. Perhaps he is even unaware of the power he has over the looking glass.

Born to Run: Flash Year One. That was a great one. Does anyone know if there were ever plans to do a Year Two & Three like Batman? I was looking forward to Greg's take on the Kid Flash costume.