Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sight and Sound: "Captain Cold"

"Captain Cold," the seventeenth installment of The Flash television series, aired 6 April 1991 on CBS and introduced viewers to the titular Rogue. The episode was written by Gail Morgan Hickman, directed by Gilbert Shilton, and edited by Greg Wong. Brought to life by guest star Michael Champion, Captain Cold was reimagined for the series as an albino contract killer who freezes his victims. In the episode's climax, the scarlet speedster challenges this fiendish foe in a comic book-inspired confrontation that plays out on the streets of downtown Central City. These scenes offer a glimpse of the television show's likable supporting cast as well as its top-notch style and score. For those in search of a fast-paced drinking game inspired by the show, down a chilled shot each time that Barry Allen, Captain Cold, or a member of the C.C.P.D. makes use of a thermal pun!


Craig MacD. said...

One of the better episodes of the series. This and "Fast Forward" are my two favorites, though I've got a fondness for "Twin Streak" as well.

Dixon said...

Thanks for commenting, Craig. I'm quite interested in learning about individual favorite episodes. I'm very much looking forward to reviewing "Twin Streaks" later this week! It's an exciting episode.