Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fast Talk: Super-Speed Transfer

Super-Speed Transfer: After saving a fellow Blue Valley teenager named Howie from a lightning bolt one dark and stormy night, Kid Flash discovers that he's lost his superpowers! Revisiting the scene of the rescue, Wally West puts on his thinking cap and in no time at all formulates an elaborate hypothesis for what has occurred: "Many chemicals have a lead base--including the ones that originally gave me my super-speed powers. Deduction: When we were hit by the lightning, it created an electro-magnetic field which affected the chemicals that originally gave me my super-speed and transferred them to Howie!" Apparently, if you've paid attention during class, a high school chemistry course and a few wild generalizations are all that you need to understand the intricacies of speed science. This story also clearly gives us all reason to hang around speedsters during thunderstorms. Wally earns some bonus points this round for choosing his phraseology as if he were actually delivering some sort of thesis! Barry Allen's scientific rationale is clearly beginning to rub off on his young apprentice.

Issue: The Flash #266 (October 1978)

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