Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fast Talk: Neo-Magnetic Radiation

Neo-Magnetic Radiation: In service of his latest scheme for conquest and domination, the megalomaniacal Gorilla Grodd has invented a special machine of the sort we'd all like to test, I'm sure. The device emits "neo-magnetic radiation" which, once absorbed by the body, has the "extraordinary effect of making anyone who looks at me admire me--instantly and uncontrollably!" That's no mean feat for a villainous beast of Grodd's pedigree, mind you. Like all great evil geniuses, he then immodestly takes a moment to relax, basking in the neo-magnetic rays, and reflects admiringly on his undeniably impressive "super-brain." Considering the boundless scientific genius exhibited by each and every one of his various villains, it's amazing that lab tech Barry Allen was able to claim victory so often! (Do you suppose there's any connection between neo-magnetic radiation and the magnetic properties of Elemento?) Of course, Grodd could have also sought domination by cornering the market in self-help literature. Looking for a way to guarantee that elusive promotion at work or to ensure a spectacular first date? Want to try out neo-magnetic radiation for yourself? Look for the answers in the best-selling volume Gorilla Grodd's How to Win Friends and Influence People. Personally, I remain wary. Any radiation so seemingly miraculous is sure to be accompanied by some nasty side effects!

Issue: The Flash #127 (March 1962)

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