Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Quick Quiz: Favorite Flash?

The first of Crimson Lightning's new Quick Quiz polls has just closed. The preliminary reader poll posed an obvious question: Who is your favorite Flash? The results are, perhaps, unsurprising. A minor 8% of all respondents selected the first man to take on the title, the legendary Jay Garrick, as their favorite speedster. 40% of respondents chose Barry Allen as their champion. No less than 44% of respondents selected Wally West as their preferred hero. Last, but certainly not least, a further 8% picked the fallen Bart Allen as the best of the bunch. Forty readers took part in the poll in total.

I plan to post a new Quick Quiz each month and, as a result, the polls will remain open for approximately thirty days. Once the poll has closed I'll be summarizing the results, as above. It will be interesting to gauge the differences of opinion that separate the many comic fans who pass by this blog when it comes to matters that relate to the scarlet speedster, his supporting cast, and his most significant storylines. Next up: Who is your favorite member of the Flash's famous Rogues Gallery?

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