Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rebirth Preview

As reported over at Speed Force, Ethan Van Sciver's latest column for Newsarama offers us a glimpse at his work on the forthcoming Flash: Rebirth mini-series, an illustration of the revitalized Barry Allen. The artist explains, "As promised in last week's column, here's a sneaky sneak peek at Flash: Rebirth #1. I took a quick digital photo of the corner of one of the pages. Shhh...don't tell Dan Didio! It ships April of 2009, so don't say we didn't warn you!" Visit Newsarama to read more of Van Sciver's newest "Your Time is Now Mine" entry or to view a larger version of the image.


rob! said...

*sigh* i dunno--i think Barry should have remained dead. Wally West was DC's most successful attempt at a 3rd generation relaunch of one of their flagship heroes.

Dixon said...

You'll get no argument from me, Rob. In my opinion, Barry Allen's death should have remained inviolate, and Wally West is the Flash. But, clearly, DC has other plans... All that said, I wish they had left poor Arthur alone, too!