Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Year-End Sales

Diamond Comics Distributors have released their 2006 Year-End Sales Charts and Market Share Report. DC's series relaunch bumped The Flash into the top fifty; The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 comes in at number forty-one on the report of the year's best-selling comic books, just behind the fifth issue of Alex Ross's Justice series and ahead of 52 #8. Visit Diamond or Newsarama for the complete sales report.

40. Justice #5 ($3.50) DC
41. Flash: Fastest Man Alive #1 ($2.99) DC
42. Civil War Front Line #3 ($2.99) Marvel
43. 52 Week #8 ($2.50) DC
44. Superman/Batman #26 ($3.99) DC
45. Amazing Spider-Man #534 CW ($2.99) Marvel
46. New Avengers #15 ($2.50) Marvel
47. New Avengers #20 ($2.99) Marvel
48. New Avengers #19 ($2.99) Marvel
49. Astonishing X-Men #17 ($2.99) Marvel


West said...

I've never been one for following the sales figures of various titles or individual issues, but maybe I should start.

That might keep me from getting blind-sided by the cancellation of titles like Firestorm.

I've been waiting on it to come out in tpb format for... ever.

Dixon said...

I was always very curious about the new Firestorm title but, to be perfectly honest, I never gave it a look because it always seemed as if they were perpetually struggling to determine the book's identity and direction. I guess I waited too long to give it a try.

West said...

Or maybe they waited too long to give it that identity and direction. ;)

I felt kinda like you, although I got more excited when I started seeing people from Ronnie's days.

I don't know how comic book publishers should balance monthly issues versus collected volumes, but it's disappointing when a book croaks and not a single tpb or hc was released (to my knowledge, anyway).

There are a growing number of fans, like myself, who are almost completely tp/hc-exclusive.

Anyway, I look forward to the day when I'm excited by The Flash, again. The current stuff actually has me longing for Johns' run (no pun intended) - at least that final volume.

Dixon said...

I think we're all longing for the level of storytelling that seen regularly during Geoff Johns' run on The Flash right now. It's up to Marc Guggenheim to deliver. Here's hoping that the day you're excited by the Flash again is not far off!