Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Casting Call

Who would you like to see potray the Flash? Wizard wants to know. With a feature film version of The Flash potentially on the horizon, director David Goyer needs to find the right man to don the scarlet speedster's yellow boots as the quick-witted Wally West. Goyer has already announced his choice--and he's succeeded in convincing me--but, until production begins, nothing is certain and fan debate rages on. Who has what it takes to be the fastest man alive? Should it be Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Sean William Scott, or Jesse Metcalfe? Visit Wizard Universe and vote.

This Week's Poll: We want to know who you'd like to see play some of the most popular characters from comics. Four actors or actresses have been selected for each of the characters, based upon various connections to the production or character, fan recommendation or simply a similarity to their comics counterpart. The results of the poll will be announced two weeks from today on Wizard Universe.


rob! said...

i have nothing against Ryan Reynolds, but i have yet to see him in anything that suggests he can carry a real movie (i.e., not one that involves him spitting on customer's hamburgers).

Jessie Metcalf? "Barry Allen Must Die"?

STIFLER as the Flash??? why not Eugene Levy as Jay Garrick?

i can't picture Ryan Gosling would do it, but he would really kick that part in the butt. cmon, Goyer, offer him the part!

Dixon said...

I know. It's not an awe-inspiring, star-studded line-up of potential speedsters, is it?

It seems to me that Reynolds has potential, and I would hope the role would bring out a side of him we've yet to see. Either way, I'm willing to trust in Goyer's dedication to the project, and I remain hopeful. Time will tell how it all pans out.

rob! said...

hey, at least there will eventually BE a Flash movie...us Aquaman fanatics have to settle for either a fake movie/punchline via Entourage, or a great pilot that never sees the light of day. :(

Dixon said...

You don't have to tell me that it's not easy being an Aquaman fan. You're certainly right there. I snatched up that unaired Aquaman TV pilot the instant it became available on iTunes! Maybe someday, if DC takes to exploiting their properties as Marvel has, even Arthur will get his shot at the big screen.