Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Movement on Flash Film

According to MTV News via the World Entertainment News Network, actor Ryan Reynolds wants to play the fastest man alive on the big screen but isn't expecting The Flash feature film to become a reality. As impatient fans are well aware, the project doesn't seem to currently have any forward momentum.

Ryan Reynolds' dreams of playing superhero the Flash on the big screen have run out of steam--the Blade: Trinity star fears the movie will never see the light of day. Reynolds boasted about playing the sought-after role in interviews last year but now accepts the project may have run its course. He tells MTV News, "It isn't something that I can imagine happening, but I know it's something a lot of comic-book fans are excited for. I get asked about it all the time, and if you even utter a word about it, it's all over the Internet. It's so completely out of my control. It's in the hands of the dark overlords of Warner Brothers... If they do make it, I'd still love to be a part of it."

Meanwhile, in a recent Film Junk poll that asked online readers to rank the comic book characters they were most eager to see on silver screen, the scarlet speedster came in fourth place with ten percent of the vote. Will Warner Bros. allow The Flash to take its place alongside the likes of Batman Begins and Superman Returns?

1. Green Lantern — 25.2%
2. The Avengers — 20.2%
3. Marvel Zombies — 10.9%
4. The Flash — 10.1%
5. Lobo — 9.2%
6. Preacher — 8.4%
7. She-Hulk — 6.7%
8. Y The Last Man — 5.0%
9. Transmetropolitan — 2.5%
10. The Authority — 1.7%


West said...

I don't think the Flash, as a design concept, lends itself all that well to the medium's expected air of "realism."

It requires a balance that's tough to achieve when you've got a guy clad, head-to-toe in a red one-piece, who can run really fast.

This doesn't mean it can't be done. In fact, I'd love it if it were. However, it's going to be tough in a way that goes beyond the challenges of putting X-Men, Batman, The Fantastic Four, and even Superman, on the big screen.

More power to'em, because if they're gonna attempt it, they've gotta get it right - even rightER, if I may, than a lot of other stuff.

Heck, even Punisher's screw-up didn't hurt the comics-to-film movement all that much - largely because he's not clad in a loud, colorful costume.

Tattered Shoes and Tired Fingers said...

Utter frustration. All I can say is that they need to put the Speedster on film. It's an interesting story once someone gets into it. Especially with the Speed Force, and the possibility of being erased from the present if one goes too fast (sequel material, I know). Anyway, I hope it works, just to feed my addiction