Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On Sale: Teen Titans #43

On sale today from DC Comics is Teen Titans #43. Written by Geoff Johns, the anticipated issue pits the Titans East--a team of teen villains that includes the evil speedster Inertia--against their heroic counterparts.

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Tony Daniel and Jonathan Glapion; Cover by Tony Daniel. Part one of the eagerly anticipated "Titans East" story! Led by Deathstroke, a Teen Titans team consisting of Batgirl, Risk, Match, Alter Boy, Enigma, Sun Girl and Inertia is out to chew gum and kick butt… and guess what? They're all out of gum! DC Universe. 32pg. Color. $2.99 US. On Sale January 31, 2007.


West said...

I'm kinda curious, but 1) there were no copies of this in my local shop, yesterday (and I got there early) and 2) I've not been very impressed by Titans stories of late.

Kelson said...

I flipped through it in the store. I basically lost interest in the book after Identity Crisis, but kept coming back for specific issues. "Hey, it's Hawk & Dove! Hey, it's Captain Carrot! Hey, it's a Marv Wolfman-scripted Nightwing story!"

Anyway, it was the typical first part of a multi-part hero team vs. villain team battle: Villains surprise heroes individually, introduce selves and neutralize heroes. Villain leader reveals his goal.

Inertia was basically three pages of introduction so that people who hadn't read Impulse would know who he is. There was an interesting revelation about Batgirl, though. (Let me know if you want the spoiler. Pun not intended.)

West said...


I heard a little about the spoiler and it kinda helped ease some of my geek-cynicism about the industry (or those who run it).

*fingers crossed*