Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Review: Justice League Heroes

Gamespot has posted the first review of gameplay in the upcoming Justice League Heroes. The Flash and Green Lantern were teamed in the demonstration version of the game that Warner Bros. Interactive provided, and Gamespot outlines the various attacks the heroes have access to. The review also contains some tantalizing hints regarding the unlockable content that Warner Bros. Interactive has thus far kept quiet. Specifically, the game may contain further unlockable heroes, and it may offer an alternative costume for the Flash.

Flash and Green Lantern were next up in our demonstration, battling with extra-dimensional creatures inside a Siberian submarine pen. Flash's powers include a supersonic evade that made it almost impossible for enemies to hit him, a pinball attack with which he could bounce off and hit several enemies in quick succession, and the ability to move so fast that he can actually pass through certain objects. Green Lantern's solid-light-based abilities, on the other hand, lend themselves to a crowd control role, and include placing detention boxes around enemies, throwing plasma-bolt projectiles, hitting enemies with a giant sledgehammer or a pair of grinders, and shielding friendly targets from harm with a protection dome...

Though we saw quite a lot of Justice League Heroes during our demonstration, Warner Bros Interactive is still playing its cards pretty close to its chest as far as a lot of the game's unlockable content is concerned. We know that there are more playable characters in the game, and we know that the shields we were collecting from slain enemies can be used to purchase alternate uniforms (some of them with alternate ability sets) for the heroes.

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