Monday, September 25, 2006

Review: Johnny DC

Newsarama's All Ages Reads column has turned its attention to the Johnny DC line-up with reviews of Krypto the Superdog, Teen Titans Go!, and Justice League Unlimited that keep kids foremost in mind. Judging by the responses of reviewers Sarah and Shelby Edmunds, it seems the fastest man alive is a popular player with younger readers!

Justice League Unlimited is the best superhero book out there for kids that features the iconic heroes. This is all about the stories – the scripts are interesting and well-crafted and it’s tons of fun to see a less serious take on the DC heroes and villains. Not that it’s all silly – there is plenty of well-written drama and action as well. The trade of the JLU precursor, Justice League Adventures, makes a great gift for any kid or kid-at-heart who loves tights and capes.

Sarah says: "I like it because it’s cool – there are so many characters in it. I don’t know who some of them even are, but I’m learning! I like to see not very well known characters that only fanboys know and the ones with the cool powers like making ice and green fire. The particular issue I liked was when the Flash met Old Flash ‘cause Flash is one of my favorites. And I liked the one with Starro."

Shelby says: "I like the show because it’s got great music and it’s similar to the comic. I like Flash because he’s a smart-aleck and he can run faster than anyone and that’s cool..."

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