Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baltimore Comic-Con '06

At the Baltimore Comic-Con, Dan Didio was presented with a question that's been on just about everyone's mind since the beginning of One Year Later. Unfortunately, Didio dodged the question without offering any new insight into Bart Allen's sudden inauguration as the scarlet speedster.

Though a fire alarm played havoc with the schedule of the panel just prior, the DC Nation panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con began without a hitch at noon on Saturday, with DCU Executive Editor Dan Didio opening the panel with “It’s the special fire drill version of DC Nation.” Didio was joined on the last official DC Nation panel for 2006 by Coordinating Editor Jann Jones, Mark Waid, Jimmy Palmiotti, and VP Sales, Bob Wayne...

Q: Why, after this Crisis, did we have to have a young Flash taking over for the old one?

Didio: There’s a lot of story yet to be told that will answer your question.

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