Sunday, September 03, 2006

Geoff Johns Speaks

Comics Continuum has posted some of the highlights from the Geoff Johns panel at the Canadian Fan Expo. The longtime Flash scribe commented on his current work, his collaborators, and the future of the medium.

At DC Comics' convention panels, Geoff Johns has a reputation of being farily tight-lipped, not wanting to venture into spoilers territory. At his Comics Writing 101 panel at Canadian Fan Expo on Saturday, Johns was a regular chatterbox, answering questions from a sizable throng of writing wannabes... Johns said he does cater his writing to different artists. "With Dale Eaglesham on Justice Society [of America], I'm going to open it up a lot more and push the characters to a quirky side because he does great facial expressions," Johns said. He noted that his Flash and Green Lantern collaborator Ethan Van Sciver legitimizes characters. "He can make everybody look important," Johns said... Marvel characters' origins are more emotional, Johns said, while DC's characters are more open to interpretation... "Comics will never be dead," Johns said. "You can't kill an artform."

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