Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming: The Flash #234

DC Comics has released a complete listing of their offerings for the month of November, including an entry for The Flash #234. Waid and Rogers's ongoing story will continue to focus on Jai and Iris, the scarlet speedster's superpowered twins. The issue's bizarre cover artwork by Manuel Garcia evokes memories of the once popular transformation stories of the Silver Age. Additionally, it looks as if Barry Allen, Wally West, and the Cosmic Treadmill will be play a prominent role in November's Booster Gold #4.

Written by Mark Waid and John Rogers; Art by Daniel Acuña and Doug Braithwaite; Cover by Manuel Garcia. The unstable powers of Wally West's growing children reach a terrifying new level! And in the backup feature, "The Fast Life," by Mark Waid, John Rogers, and Doug Braithwaite, the compelling tale of Wally's family's life on a Flash-friendly alien world continues. DC Universe. 32pg. Color. $2.99 US. On Sale November 21, 2007.

Update: It looks as if November is going to be a busy month for the world's fastest human. He's everywhere! I'm not sure how I could have missed this, but Wally West will also be teaming-up with the Doom Patrol in The Brave and the Bold #8, written by Mark Waid with art by George Pérez and Bob Wiacek. This sounds like an adventure that's not to be missed!


Craig MacD. said...

November looks to be a big month for The Flash. He's making guest appearances in both Booster Gold #4 and The Brave and the Bold #8 (where he teams up with the Doom Patrol).

Dixon said...

Brave and the Bold #8, too? I missed that one. I was wondering when the crimson comet would turn up in that title. I'll have to amend this entry. The Doom Patrol, you say? Now there's an adventure that I just may have to pick up!