Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo (1963-2007)

Mike Wieringo, the celebrated comic book artist who first earned widespread recognition because of his exceptional work on The Flash, has passed away. Readers who experienced Ringo's work on the scarlet speedster's title will surely never forget his vibrant, lively, downright charming interpretation of the characters. Obituaries have been posted at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

The comics industry lost a luminary this weekend--Mike Wieringo passed away Sunday of a sudden heart attack... Wieringo was born June 24, 1963 in Venice, Italy, and first caught the attention of comic book fans when he joined writer Mark Waid on DC's The Flash with issue #80 in 1993. Together, the two co-created the character Impulse, the future speedster brought back to the present. Wieringo (or, 'Ringo as he was better known by then) moved on to Robin at DC, and then moved to Marvel... He loved what he did.

Update: Mark Waid, Todd Dezago, and Karl Kesel have posted personal commentaries regarding the artist's passing in "Remembering Mike Wieringo" at Newsarama. Wieringo's family, writing at his official website, is asking that those wishing to honor his memory make their donations to the ASPCA or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


Mad Mac Genius said...

One of the finer artists to grace the pages of the Scarlet Speedster. We'll miss you, Mike.

Craig MacD. said...

I'm still in shock. Only read about this a few minutes ago and I didn't think it was real at first. This was a guy that made his name on Flash (co-created Impulse) and then went on to even bigger and better things.

R.I.P. Mike. You (and your work) will be missed.