Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Flash Forward

What can we expect to see in the pages of The Flash during Mark Waid's triumphant return to the title? Apparently, things will not be the same as they once were. Wizard has posted "Flash Forward," a brief look ahead to those story elements that the writer intends to explore during his new reign.

From getting ricocheted across time and space to arriving home too late to stop the brutal murder of his cousin, the past few years of Wally West’s life have been a far cry from his lighthearted ’90s heyday. Wizard tapped upcoming writer Mark Waid, who takes over with August’s Flash #231, to explain why the series will again be a runaway hit with fans... “I would rather chart new ground than to hit Speed Force stories again, or God forbid that we do any time travel,” promised the writer. “I don’t even want the book narrated by Wally.”


Craig MacD. said...

Thanks for the link. Looks like Waid is making the rounds this week at most of the comic book sites, including CBR:

rob! said...

i'm still waiting for someone to bring back those one-page "Flash Facts" where the Flash explains some scientific principle.

DC should do them again, and hire some super-hot artist to do just that one page, that way deadlines wont get blown.

i think thatd be cool, that's all. :)

Dixon said...

Rob, that's brilliant! I think that'd be cool, too! The "Flash Facts" always entertained me--that's why this blog carries a periodic feature by that name. Once The Flash's new back-up feature has run its course, they should follow it with a modernized "Flash Facts." I love it!