Monday, July 02, 2007

Upcoming: All Flash #1

DC Comics has released a six-page preview of All Flash #1, scheduled for release later this month. These panels offer us the first glimpse of Mark Waid's triumphant return to Flash comics. They also showcase some absolutely stunning artwork from Karl Kerschl. Personally, I would say that there's a grace and fluidity to Kerschl's art that connects beautifully with the scarlet speedster and his superpowers. It looks like this interim special is something to look forward to. Fans can find all six preview pages posted at Newsarama.

Scheduled to arrive in stores on July 18th, All-Flash #1 is written by Mark Waid with art by Karl Kerschl, Ian Churchill, Manuel Garcia, Joe Bennett and Daniel Acuña. This issue features covers by Joshua Middleton and Bill Sienkiewicz, which will arrive in stores in a split of approximately 50/50. This issue spotlights the aftermath of The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13.


Amy said...

Page 2 Panel 2 is great. ; ; In fact, the art and coloring in these pages is exceptional. Even the backgrounds look great, and some of the best character reaction shots I've ever seen.

But wasn't it Batman who first called Bart Impulse, and not Superman?

Dixon said...

Batman? Superman? Max Mercury? Kelson Vibber addressed this very paradox recently at his blog in an expose entitled "Who Named Impulse?"