Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Death in the DC Universe

At his blog, Impulse co-creator and onetime Flash artist Mike Wieringo has posted a personal commentary regarding the death of Bart Allen in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13. While his response is not concerned with the events of that particular issue, however, it considers the overall shift in tone and content that has become evident in the comic book stories published by both DC and Marvel. Has the once lively, humorous, and impulsive Bart Allen become the victim of a dark publishing trend that demands death from its heroes and villains? If so, has this particular practice reached its gross limit, and can readers look forward to a return to more fun and hope-filled adventure? Wieringo's commentary is also accompanied by an all-new sketch of the fallen hero.

"...I suppose the difference for me is that–-[in] my own personal point of view–-the contrast between Marvel and DC has been for years that Marvel’s books were always darker in tone–-more supposedly based in the ‘real world'... and that DC’s offerings were brighter... more colorful and came from more of a place of hope and light. The heroes of the DCU stood for optimism and the promise of a brighter future in the face of forces that would bring darkness and destruction to the world. In essence, the DCU was, to me, the place for a more stark contrast between the forces of light/good and the forces of darkness/evil... DC comics were always more colorful and fun for me. Now Bart Allen joins the ever growing list of characters who are dying in the DCU..."

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