Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Show and Tell

With family visiting from out of town, I returned home one afternoon last week to discover that someone had gotten into my briefcase, crumpled up many of my notes, and made off with a notepad. When my four-year-old niece proudly presented me with this drawing, however, I simply had to forgive her. What we have here, in case you can't pick up on some of the trademark visuals, is a stunning crayon illustration of Superman racing the Flash. (One of her favorite episodes of Superman: The Animated Series--and, obviously, it is a fondness she shares with her uncle--is "Speed Demons.")

That's the man of steel on the right, see? His emblematic shield may appear as an awkard square but the costume is unmistakable. I'm not certain why the Flash appears here as a cyclops--we'll call it artistic license--but I think she's done a fine job of depicting the scarlet speedster. Once I finished admiring the work, I knew I had to post this to the blog. Might my niece have a future in illustrating for DC Comics? I'll just have to continue to supply her with a healthy dose of comic books for inspiration.


rob! said...

sweet! and better than a lot of work currently in comics!

Craig MacD. said...

Ha! That's too cute.

Paxton said...

Haha...that is awesome.

Been reading your site for a few months. I too am a Flash enthusiast. I read the Barry Allen Flash comics in the '80s and followed Wally West to his title in the late '80s - '90s. He's still my favorite hero.

You are putting together a great site. I love the classic covers. Keep it up, man.

Dixon said...

Thanks for posting, Paxton. It's good to hear from another Flash fan, and it's great to know that you're enjoying the site. I'll do my best to keep things entertaining and interesting, and you'll continue to see Classic Covers every Friday.

Amy said...

So cute!

She even gave Wally a cocky smirk!!