Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Upcoming: The Flash #232

We now know that vague yet intriguing solicitations for The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #14 and The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #15 were lies, components in a conspiracy so sinister in its intricacies that it was worthy of the Thinker himself! In their stead, the series will be returning to its previous numbering beginning with The Flash (v.2) #231 in August, Mark Waid's triumphant return to the title. Yesterday, DC Comics announced their solicitations for September. The line-up reveals a brief description and the Lovecraftian cover artwork for The Flash #232. Visit Newsarama, Wizard, or Comic Book Resources for the complete list of DC's comics shipping in September.

Written by Mark Waid; Art and Cover by Daniel Acuña. What alien menace lies beneath the Flash’s own home? And what’s his dark, dark family secret--the one that’s helping him keep the peace in Keystone? DC Universe. 32pg. Color. $2.99 US. On Sale September 19, 2007.


West said...

Kinda creepy.

Interesting how they go out of their way to keep the Flash's eyes closed when his identity is in-question.

Unknown said...

Oh my, this cover made me giddy. Pervert fangirls the world over rejoice!

Dixon said...

Should Kelson be adding this artwork to his gallery of covers depicting the "Victimized Hero," Amy?