Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reviews: The Flash #12

"Full Throttle" continues in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #12, an issue that manages to keep the story moving swiftly as we fast approach that pivotal next installment. Marc Guggenheim and Tony Daniel even manage to throw in a few outright surprises, ideas or twists that we've never seen in the pages of the crimson comet's comic before. At the same time, however, the issue features many familiar faces, including the surprise return of a key figure from the Flash's past. What do the fanboys and fangirls have to say about The Flash #12?
  • Adam Chapman of ComiXtreme grants this issue four out of five exclamation points, explaining, "This title is on the up and up, getting better with each and every issue, in the hands of a writer who treats the core material and character with utmost respect, and also knows how to tell a rollickin' story at the same time." He adds that The Flash #12 is "Highly Recommended."
  • At About Heroes, Brent is also singing the praises of Marc Guggenheim, the writer who may have saved this title. "All Hail Marc Guggenheim! Hail! Hail! Guggenheim is the new master of the Flash, and as I've said before, is bringing this book back from the grave... Everyone definitely needs to be checking out the Flash now."
  • Rachelle Goguen, posting at Living Between Wednesdays, highlights some of the issue's more amusing moments with a series of page and panel scans. "I liked Mirror Master coming out of Flash's shiny earpiece... I liked the Rogues chatting about what they were going to do now that time had stopped... And the shocker ending? Yup, it looks bad for Bart. Almost as if he's going to be replaced... by someone who has been dead for quite some time..."
  • Comic Overload's Nick couldn't be more pleased with the team of Guggenheim and Daniel. "Good gosh I am really starting to love this title... Time traveling, the Speed Force used in a non-annoying way, Rogues taking on Bart, and, of course, Bart for the most part beating the crap out of them. MAN! Very good issue. Daniels’ artwork just is the cherry on Guggenheims’ masterful writing."
  • Rich of ComicByComic doesn't seem to be buying into DC's hype--or, for that matter, the idea of Bart Allen as the fastest man alive. "Big things are apparently afoot for the Flash starting with this issue. Unfortunately, I don’t think those things involve the return of Wally West."

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