Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flash Facts: Expansion Speed

According to New Scientist, a team of scientists has been able to successfully track matter moving through space at 99.999% the speed of light. It has been predicted that the collapse of a star and the subsequent formation of a black hole or neutron star could accelerate matter to nearly the speed of light--matter from the collapsing star would explode outward at super speed, accompanied by gamma rays and other radiation. Using a robotic infrared telescope in Chile dubbed the Rapid Eye Mount, that theory has now been proven. "Now, rapid follow-up measurements of two gamma-ray bursts have allowed a team of scientists to precisely measure the expansion speed of matter in these explosion to more than 99.999% the speed of light."


West said...

That's very interesting.

And the comic panels are pretty cool, too.

Dixon said...

What could be more fun than combining real life science with Silver Age comic book panels? It's infotainment at its best!