Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Textual Teasers

Desperate for spoilers regarding that much hyped and seemingly pivotal next installment of The Flash? Not satisfied with the hints that have already been dropped by DiDio, Guggenheim, and the DC Comics advertising department? Ever-vigilant Flash fan Kelson Vibber informs us that over at the Comic Bloc Forums, "Marc Guggenheim is posting one line (or exchange) of dialog from Flash #13 each day until the issue comes out." Thus far, three lines of dialogue from the issue have been posted. Will the great Barry Allen return? Will the Rogues succeed in ending the legacy of the fastest man alive? Will Bart endure another illogical lecture from his time-traveling grandmother? The countdown continues.

Update: Apparently, Tony Daniel has joined in on this action as well. Craig MacD points us to Daniel's blog, where the artist is posting panels and pages from The Flash #13, giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming issue's artwork as well as the process of pencilling a comic book.


Craig MacD. said...

Tony Daniel has posted some sketches from a page of issue #13 as well on his blog. He's planning to post more showing the process of pencilling.

Dixon said...

Thanks for this information, Craig. That's some exciting artwork! I'll be updating the post with a link to Daniel's blog.

West said...

I look forward to checking it out. Thanks!