Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Flash at McDonald's

The Superman Homepage is reporting that McDonald's in Argentina and Brazil are offering DC Comics toys with their kid's meals. The line-up of superheroes includes the scarlet speedster. The McDonald's Brazil website is also offering a selection of related downloads. I tell you, those kids in Brazil have all the luck! I suppose we can expect to see these popping up on eBay any time, then.

DC Comics fans in Argentina aren't the only ones who can collect DC Superheroes... McDonalds in Brazil are also running the same promotion where fans can collect eight different DC Superhero figures with the purchase of McDonalds Kid's Meals. The eight figures include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Robin, Catwoman, Flash, and Batgirl.


rob! said...

>>The eight figures include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Robin, Catwoman, Flash, and Batgirl.<<

hmm, who's missing from this list...i dunno, maybe...HAWKMAN???

just kidding, of course. where's Aquaman? i mean, come on, Batgirl?

Dixon said...

I know! The moment I saw this I thought of you, Rob, and looked for Aquaman's name... but it was nowhere to be found! You're right, they've gone a bit overboard with the Bat family. Batgirl, Robin, and Catwoman? Once again, Arthur's been unduly snubbed.

Amy said...

Wow, that is the most male to female ratio of toys I have ever seen in a super hero line.
Are they all based on Bruce Timm designs? eBay full attack!

I still have a Flash figure from quite a few years ago...back when Justice League first aired. Not sure which fast food place it came from, but it was like wind up car with red sparks as you "revved" it, and then it would speed off on its own before it fell over, hit a wall, or ran out of gas.

Despite Aquaman's availability in the cheap prize toy market, I think he does fairly well in any figures by DC Direct (The Kingdom Come Aquaman Sculpt is pretty nice). Any Wally!Flash figure never meets my expectations because his eyes are almost always painted blue and not green!

...although, the 1/6 scale Deluxe Figure of Aquaman always make me giggle (shiniest figure EVER!)

I am a fan of how Bruce Timm styled the various heroines, so it is nice to see Catwoman and Batgirl offered, who aside from very expensive DC Direct statues, nicer figures were never made for them when the Batman animated series was running.

Dixon said...

I know precisely the toy you're talking about, Amy! The wind-up-car-with-red-sparks-as-you-revved-it-and-then-it-would-speed-off-on-its-own-before-it-fell-over-hit-a-wall-or-ran-out-of-gas Flash, we'll call it. That's a fun one. It's sitting proudly amongst my collection of Flash figurines. Like you, I'm not certain which fast food chain was offering it. I believe I nabbed mine on--you guessed it--eBay.

And you win a gold star from Crimson Lightning for checking the eye color on your Wally West figures!

Dixon said...

A blonde-haired Jay Garrick?! I wonder which Earth in the multiverse he originated from?