Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Upcoming: The Flash #15

DC Comics has released previews of their solicitations for the month of August, including a cover and blurb for the next installment of the crimson comet's ongoing title. The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #15 will continue the Marc Guggenheim story arc that has been billed as so exciting, so revolutionary, so highly anticipated... that the publisher has refrained from telling us a bloody thing about it. And, though striking, Doug Braithwaite's cover doesn't seem to give anything away. What's in store for Bart Allen this summer? Your guess is as good as mine, folks.

Written by Marc Guggenheim; Art by Tony S. Daniel and Art Thibert; Cover by Doug Braithwaite; Variant cover by Daniel Acuña. Continuing the storyline so explosive we can't give anything away--and it's destined to be one of the most talked-about tales of 2007! DC Universe. 32pg. Color. $2.99 US. On Sale August 15, 2007.


Kelson said...

I agree, that's a very nice cover. Unfortunately, I'm not in the habit of buying comics just for the covers. It's lucky for DC that I'm already reading this series, or they wouldn't be getting my $2.99 from that write-up.

It does make me wonder what the alternate cover is. This makes the fourth issue with an alternate cover in barely over a year! #1, #11, and I read somewhere that they've added one for #14.

Mad Mac Genius said...

Hmmm. Bart is currently wearing his grandfather's uniform as the Flash
...but if you look at the design of this costume on the cover, it's Wally's.
Something big is about to happen, and I don't want Dan Didio ruining it for everyone before it happens.

Craig MacD. said...

Guggenheim has been doing a decent job (well, better than Bilson and DeMeo at least) on this book, though he doesn't seem to have a real good handle on all the characters just yet.

That said, I'm really looking forward to these next few issues. I don't really think Barry or Wally are coming back (as most people seem to think), but I'm hoping this arc goes a long way in making Bart stand out more as The Flash to the general comics community. Also, with sales dropping on the book, maybe some of this hype will do the book some good.

Kelson said...

For all they talked about Bart wearing a "clone" of Barry's costume, the artists have been consistently drawing it as Wally's, with the symmetrical, V-shaped belt instead of the band of lightning.

Well, consistently since the first couple of issues, which would have the costume change from panel to panel (presumably hinting at the status of the speed force)

Craig MacD. said...

Yeah, I think its been causing some confusion among the fans. The only way to distinguish the Wally and Barry costumes was from the belt, but I think some of the artists (Ken Lashley for example) weren't aware of it when they got the scripts.