Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Best of the Brave

With an all-new iteration of The Brave and the Bold on the comic store shelves, Wizard has asked writer Mark Waid to rank his top five favorite issues of the original team-up book. In a bit of an amusing coincidence, Waid's second favorite issue of The Brave and the Bold is the very issue featured here in last Friday's Classic Covers spotlight. Of The Brave and the Bold #53 (incorrectly cited at the Wizard website as #52), an issue featuring the Flash and the Atom, Waid raves, “It doesn’t have a particularly memorable plot but is one of the very best-drawn comics of all-time, period. This issue is by Alex Toth, one of the finest comics artist who ever lived but drew only one Brave and the Bold.” Visit Wizard online to learn of Waid's other choices.

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