Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Countdown Continues

The Flash is doomed! That's what DC Comics would have us believe. The publisher has released a Countdown teaser poster clearly intended to add fuel to the flames of speculation sparked by the ominous previews for The Flash # 13-15. The artwork--an homage to the classic cover for The Flash #174 by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson--features the scarlet speedster lying collapsed at the collective feet of his Rogues Gallery. Additionally, the somewhat essential descriptor "ALIVE" has crumbled from the fastest man's subtitle. Is the latest hero to wear the crimson costume facing his end? According to Newsarama, DC Comics has only this to say: "The Countdown continues in The Flash #13."


Craig MacD. said...

Not the most dramatic cover I've seen, but it will probably help gain some attention for the book, if not sales. Over on Newsarama people are cheering for the (supposed) death of Bart Allen. Not a good sign. I want to see Wally and family come back at some point, but Bart deserves some respect for inheriting the mantle. I hope this little stunt helps sales, but until we know more everything is just guesswork at this point.

West said...

Killing Wally may be just what it takes for me to stop caring about the Flash series. I know we don't know much yet, but I guess the trust just isn't there.

Unknown said...

Well, we've known for a long time that this is coming in Wally's life. "I will worry the day his greatest challenge arrives in the form of his own dark twin." - Iris Allen "The Life Story of the Flash

They say that death isn't exactly the end of life, but a change. That's what I'm seeing this as; this will be the major change in Bart's life. I'm not wanting Wally's death, I was rather irritated that they cut him off so fast, since I felt the series had a lot of potental, and a lot more stories to run. Restarting it when Barry's series ended was the right thing because frankly it was getting bad. But Wally? No - in fact it was the best of all the Flash books back from Jay.

I'm hoping for great things with Bart. I'll wait and see. Just signed up for a new 2 year subscription.

- Kc