Friday, May 04, 2007

Classic Covers: Note

As comic books regularly rely on the crossover as a tactic to offer readers excitement and unexpected twists, it's only fitting that comic blogs should occasionally join in the fun. I would like to think that today's installment of Classic Covers, then, could be considered our first true crossover with The Aquaman Shrine. I humbly offer it as a contribution to Rob's week-long Aquaman: Cover to Cover event--which, incidentally, continues today with the gorgeous cover to Aquaman #45.

I've thought long and hard about the qualifications that should regulate this blog's Classic Covers feature. Specifically, I wondered how recently a comic would have to have been published to qualify it as "current" rather than "classic." I figure a ten-year cut-off should settle things. Beginning with today's entry, I'll be posting the occasional cover from The Flash (v.2) on Fridays, tossing them into the mix with all of that wonderfully nostalgic art from Flash Comics, All-Flash, Comic Cavalcade, and The Flash (v.1). For a variety of reasons, there's no cover I'd rather start with than this memorable piece from July of 1992. It's one of my favorites, easily the funniest cover of the Wally West era, and there's nothing better than seeing your two favorite superheroes side-by-side. I've been waiting to post it for a long time. (Unfortunately, I haven't yet written an issue entry for it at the Crimson Lightning index. Soon, my finny friends.) When Rob initiated the Aquaman Shrine's Aquaman: Cover to Cover feature, I knew that the time had come.

Without further fanfare, then...

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rob! said...

i LOVE cross-overs! we can do them once a year like the old JLA/JSA team-ups!