Monday, April 16, 2007

Upcoming: The Flash #14

DC Comics has announced their line-up for the month of July. Apparently, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #14 is going to be big! The issue, featuring a beautiful cover by Joshua Middleton, represents the second of two special issues seemingly designed to attract readers to the revitalized title. The solicitation reveals that DC is expecting high demand for the book, and the publishing hype has prompted Newsarama to ask, "So just what is going on in The Flash in June and July?"

Written by Marc Guggenheim; Art by Tony S. Daniel and Art Thibert; Cover by Joshua Middleton. DC Comics announces the second month of a special Flash promotion as the Fastest Man Alive's world changes forever! Retailers: please check your Previews order form for a special incentive designed to help you meet the demand for this story. Fans: remind your retailer early and often to order you a copy! DC Universe. 32pg. Color. $2.99 US. On Sale July 18, 2007.


Kelson said...

Sadly, this solicit is leaving me cold. And I've enjoyed the last few issues! Whoever's doing their write-ups forgot that it's always better to show than to tell.

In short, DC shouldn't tell me it's going to be popular, it should tell me why I should care. So the Flash's world changes forever. What, again?

At the moment I find it far more interesting that we have a confirmed date for Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (August 15) and that DC is finally collecting Tangent Comics starting in August -- and volume one includes the Tangent Flash.

Dixon said...

I have to agree, Kelson. Thus far they've told us absolutely nothing about the story that will be featured in The Flash #13 and The Flash #14. I'm not certain whether I should be excited or worried. We'll just have to wait and see.

As for Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, I'm saving that for another entry...

West said...

I've got a different take, since this reminds me of the whole death of Captain America thing.

Retailers were pissed because they didn't know demand would be high and spoilerphobic fans like me would've been bothered if we'd been told "Cap croaks."

I, for one, would like to see us return to a time when readers don't know so much that's going to happen waaaaay before it ever does. For me, that kinda defeats the point.

Dixon said...

You raise a good point, West! We are living in a time when it's hard to keep a plot twist secret, particularly on the internet. I'll do my best to remain cautiously optimistic, then. In the end, we just might be pleasantly surprised!

Kelson said...

It's not that I mind not knowing what's coming. I just don't like the previews that profess to say something, and then don't.

I guess it reminds me too much of those movie ads/previews which consist solely of someone saying "Critics agree: X is the movie event of the year!" without telling you anything like... what kind of movie it is. There's no hook. The Flash's life has been changed forever enough times that the statement doesn't make an impact. Even the solicits for issue #1 were better: There's a mystery: who will be the new Flash.

It's odd, though, to see a preview so explicitly written for retailers instead of readers.