Monday, April 30, 2007

Surf & Turf

Rob at the Aquaman Shrine has posted an amusing half-page DC Comics advertisement for The Flash #177, that unforgettable issue from 1968. ("The scarlet speedster puts on a new personality and a head to match! in 'The Swell-Headed Superhero!' On sale January 18th.") The ad appeared in the pages of Aquaman (v.1) #38, which is reviewed in the same entry.

While you're at the Shrine, you're going to want to check out the first installment of Aquaman: Cover to Cover, a week-long extravaganza spotlighting some of Rob's all-time favorite cover art featuring the king of the seven seas! If you like seeing the crimson comet's Classic Covers here on Fridays, you're going to love the beauties that Rob has selected.

Oh, and Surf & Turf, the imaginary Aquaman team-up book? Hilarious and brilliant. Rob assures me that when he's calling the shots at DC Comics, the first issue of this inspired series will feature the Flash and Aquaman fighting side-by-side, swimming with the fishes. It will, unquestionably, be an instant classic.


rob! said...


if DC hires me (*cough cough*) to do a Surf and Turf book, #1 WILL feature The Flash, and i'll ask you to help me plot it, to make sure The Flash is used as effectively as possible!

btw, the letter column header for Surf and Turf will be a drawing of Aquaman and other heroes dining at a restaurant.

ive thought this thing through.


p.s.thanks for the plug!

Dixon said...

Thanks, Rob! Here's hoping DC Comics gives you a call! (At that dining table, I suppose that the gathered Justice Leaguers will be enjoying some fine seafood while Arthur chows down on a nice juicy steak?!)