Monday, April 02, 2007

Origin Story

Zeke directs our attention to a recent installment of Origin Story, an online webcomic that allows readers to submit humorous dialogue to fill in a standard template. The March 27th edition of the webcomic, contributed by Matt Downie, bears the title "Superspeed Origin." As Zeke comments, "These comics with the same panels every time don't do much for me, but you can tell this particular submission is the work of a Flash fan." Indeed. Can there be any doubt as to which convoluted comic plot device is synonymous with this so-called "rapidity space"?


Zeke said...

Yeah, and it's not just that bit. The part about running in a circle and talking about molecules is a dead-on Barry Allen reference. People talk about how Superman had new powers every other issue back then, but even he can't top all the ridiculous things Barry used his speed (and molecular control) for.

- Z

Dixon said...

You're quite right, Zeke. Both Barry Allen and Wally West were fond of that sort of behavior... Though, to be fair, nobody could twist and distort the laws of physics to meet his needs like good ol' Barry! As you say, there was nothing he couldn't pull off if the storyline demanded it!