Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interview: Geoff Johns

Newsarama has begun posting Justice Socializing, an ongoing series of articles offering an inside look at the new Justice Society of America. The first installment features writer Geoff Johns reflecting on the team's core members--including the original Flash himself, Jay Garrick. Visit Newsarama to read Johns's full commentary.

Geoff Johns says: "Along with Alan Scott, Jay is as important to the DC Universe as Superman in my eyes. He represents that tie to history and tradition and he fills a role no one else does. I think it’s important to have older mentors in a fictional universe who kick ass, just like Obi One and Gandalf. There was an editor at DC who no longer is there that said when we launched JSA back in ’99, 'You should get rid of the old guys; they just make it lame.' I immediately thought, this guy doesn’t get it. The greatest thing about the DC Universe is the diversity in character types. From Adam Strange to Zatanna. From Krypto to Swamp Thing. Why have all the same type of characters? There are so many more stories to tell when you make the possibilities endless."


Kelson said...

Oh, that's not promising. In a mythic setting, the mentor character always dies so that the hero can come into his own.

Merlin? Locked in a cave so Arthur can stand or fall.

Obi-Wan? Lets Vader kill him as an object lesson to Luke.

Gandalf? Okay, he got better, but he sacrificed his life to stop the Balrog so that Frodo and company could keep going.

West said...

Don't worry, Kelson. They'll keep Jay around, if only so they'll have someone to pick up the tattered, empty costume of the next Flash they murder.

I'm mostly joking about that. Mostly.