Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Live Action: Introduction

Beginning tomorrow I'm going to be posting a new ongoing feature. Classic Covers will continue to appear on Fridays, and on Thursdays you'll be seeing Live Action, a regular column dedicated to reviewing episodes of The Flash television series. I haven't been able to make a final decision regarding the frequency of this feature but, as there are a mere twenty-two episodes to consider, it's likely they'll be appearing bi-weekly.

The Flash premiered on September 20, 1990 and aired on CBS for one full season. The show was created and produced by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo. Whilst that writing team's recent relaunch of The Flash comic series was dismally received by readers, however, many a comic fan has fond memories of John Wesley Shipp's days as the scarlet speedster of the small screen. Television dramas that attempt to capture the unique spirit, adventure, and style of comic books are few and far between, and The Flash is surely a noteworthy example. The complete series is now available on DVD. Some of its installments were fantastic fun, some were silly or absurd, and others were--if you can believe it--just plain dull. I'll be looking at the episodes one-by-one in their original broadcast order and posting relevant facts and commentary. It's been more than a decade since I've seen most of these episodes and I'm very much looking forward to revisiting the series.

Be here tomorrow, then--same Flash time, same Flash channel!

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Sounds good.

I loved the costume.