Monday, February 19, 2007

Chain Lightning in 30 Seconds

There are an awful lot of comic books in the world, and reviewing superhero mythology can be a time consuming task. Zeke at has done us all a service, then, in posting "Flash: Chain Lightning in 30 Seconds." That's right. The five-issue epic that brought The Flash's second volume to its 150th issue, unquestionably Mark Waid's most complex and convoluted story arc, has been reduced to a mere nine panels! Now you can read the thrilling tale of Wally West's thousand-year battle against the cursed Cobalt Blue in the same amount of time it would take the scarlet speedster to read the contents of your local library, albeit by bypassing some of its time travel nuances. Check it out.


West said...

Luckily, CL was pretty.

Hey, and it also lead to that cool-@$$ Hyper-Flash costume!

And, um, it was pretty!

Oh well. I was just glad Waid was back.

Dixon said...

Indeed. I actually rather enjoyed "Chain Lightning." Sure, it was one crazy story, but it was fun. And, as you say, it was very, very pretty. Paul Pelletier's work was magnificent.

Zeke said...

Thanks for the link, Dixon. (Heh -- for any ST:TNG fan, the first instinct is to call you "Dix.")

I'm looking at expanding's comics-related content, so there may be more to come. "Lightning in a Bottle" is certainly ripe for parody.

- Z

Dixon said...

No problem, Zeke. And, as you no doubt noted from my e-mail address, some of my closest friends call me Dix. I suppose it's a natural reaction for anyone who's seen Jean-Luc Picard play ace detective Dixon Hill.

I'll keep an eye on I'd love to see "Lightning in a Bottle" in thirty seconds. (Either Geoff Johns' "Lightning in a Bottle" or the storyline of the same title from Bilson and DeMeo!)