Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flash Facts: Double Down

Can expertly-wielded playing cards kill? Last night I caught episode twenty of the always-entertaining and highly-educational Mythbusters. The episode includes a segment entitled "Killer Cards," in which Jamie and Adam test whether or not an ordinary playing card can become a deadly weapon if thrown with enough power. After constructing a device capable of hurling cards at a top speed of 155 mph, they effectively prove that it's impossible to seriously injure someone in this way, let alone kill. Try explaining those facts to Double Down, the Keystone City Rogue whose organic playing cards have sliced into the fastest man alive on more than one occassion!


West said...

No need to fear straws in a hurricane, eh?

That said, I wonder how they define "serious injury."

Dixon said...

Ah, yes. The straw in a hurricane was another episode entirely, and an interesting one at that. I suppose the next time I see that one being rerun I'll have to make note of it in another Flash Fact entry.

As for the thrown playing cards, the worst of the results was something akin to a deep papercut--that is, nothing serious.