Friday, February 09, 2007

Classic Covers: The Flash #227


West said...

Heckuva cover. Was the issue any good (assuming you own/have read it)?

Of course, it reminds me of THE LIFE STORY OF THE FLASH or whatever Iris's book was called. Hmm... I just realized I haven't read that in some time, now.

I should revisit the Waid years.

rob! said...

that certainly must've jumped out from the spinner racks at the time!

Dixon said...

Indeed, this is one heck of a cover. I really miss seeing outrageous covers like this. Unfortunately, the unforgettable cover supports a pretty poor storyline. In "Flash--This is Your Death!" panels are laid out as if they were photos in the titular scrap-book, an album being kept by Captain Boomerang's crook of a father. It's your standard Rogue story, with a more outrageous than usual climax in which Boomerang hurtles the Flash into a nightmare dimension simply by forcing him to assume the angled shape of a boomerang and launching him into the air. (If you can believe that!) I'd have to say that the Green Lantern back-up story is more involving. I suppose they can't all be classic masterpieces!

Oh, and West, it's always a good time to revisit the Mark Waid years.