Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Flash TV

Well, I'd have to say I'm one happy fanboy. On Christmas Day I received The Flash: The Complete Series on DVD! It was the perfect present, of course. This means that at long last I'll be able to relive every episode of the scarlet speedster's live action adventures. It's been well over a decade since I saw most of these episodes--I haven't watched the show since it first aired on CBS, really. Naturally, I'm very eager to revisit the series and to see what I make of it today.

Will I be posting an episode guide extension for Crimson Lightning? Probably not, although the thought has occurred to me. It's more likely I'll post various comments and musings regarding the show here in the Crimson Lightning blog. In fact, let's plan on making it a regular feature, like Friday's Classic Covers. That should be fun.

Here's hoping that you received all those comic book goodies that you were wishing for this holiday season.


rob! said...

we all watched The Flash religiously, since it debuted during my friends and i second year at the Joe Kubert school (we even told Joe when they mentioned "Carter Hall" in one episode).

i thought the show was very hit or miss--really great some episodes (the Trickester ones, Captain Cold) and some abysmally bad ones (Flash playing guitar at super speed, anyone?), but if they'd been given a chance to do a second season (and stay in a time slot for more than a week) i think the show would've gotten better and better and could've become a hit if CBS hadn't messed around with it.

Dixon said...

My memory of the series matches up with yours. There are certain stories I remember as being quite wonderful, and others that were simply embarrassing. Again, I can't wait to reassess them all. It is a shame it didn't last more than a year, especially since I recall that it was reasonable popular, and there certainly wasn't anything like it on television at the time.