Monday, December 18, 2006

Coming Soon?

How long will fans have to wait to see the fastest man alive take to the big screen? At least a bit longer. The Sci-Fi Wire and have picked up quotes from an interview with Ryan Reynolds--the actor that writer/director David Goyer would like to see portray Wally West in his motion picture adaptation of the comic series--regarding the status of The Flash. According to Reynolds, who is eager to be a part of the project, he hasn't been asked to don the red unitard just yet.

Ryan Reynolds, who is reportedly in line to star in David Goyer's proposed Flash movie, told that nothing's happening with the film yet. "It's a $108 billion movie if they do it," Reynolds told the site. "I don't know how that stuff works, and I don't really get involved with it." Goyer was writing, producing and would direct the film, based on the venerable DC Comics franchise, about a superhero who can run near the speed of light. Little has been said about the project since it was announced two years ago. "I think if they do it, they're going to see it through the eyes of Wally West and its inanimate world," Reynolds said, with tongue in cheek. "I can hear people falling asleep while I'm talking about this."

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