Monday, December 04, 2006


Comics2Film and Kryptonsite are reporting that the CW will soon be re-airing Smallville's "Run"--the episode featuring Bart Allen--along with a number of other episodes featuring other notable DC heroes. It's all preparation for the premiere of "Justice," the long-awaited episode that will introduce the Justice League to Smallville's mythology. For those who don't watch the series regularly, this presents a wonderful opportunity to see Smallville's interpretations of DC's many heroes. A viewing schedule for these episodes is listed below.

Just in time for the Justice League extravaganza in the episode "Justice," airing in January, the CW has planned some very heroic repeats in the weeks leading up to it. On Thursday, December 28, The CW will be airing two back-to-back Smallville repeats from past seasons--"Run," which introduced us to that impulsive "flash" Bart Allen; and "Cyborg," which introduced Victor Stone. Then, on January 4, the CW again brings us two episodes--"Arrow," featuring Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow, and "Aqua," last season's high-rated episode featuring Arthur "A.C." Curry. Here is the schedule for the next few weeks of episodes. All episodes air Thursdays at 8PM unless otherwise noted...

11/30 "Sneeze"
12/7 "Subterranean" NEW!
12/14 "Wither"
12/21 "Reunion"
12/28 "Run" (8PM) & "Cyborg" (9PM)
1/4 "Arrow" (8PM) & "Aqua" (9PM)

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