Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Christmas List

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're still wondering what to give your favorite comic reader, or if you'd like to give a gift that will introduce a new reader to the DC Universe, look no further. Here's a Christmas list of assorted Flash merchadise sure to please any fanboy or girl. It's always a joy to find comics in your stocking, or superheroes under the tree...
  • The Flash: The Complete Series - Bilson and DeMeo aren't earning any popularity for their recent comic book run, but The Flash television series they created will always be remembered fondly by fans.
  • The Flash Archives (Vol. 4) - DC's beautiful hardcover archives preserve classic Silver Age adventures in an ideal format, and the latest volume presents Barry Allen battling some of his most memorable foes.
  • The Golden Age Flash Archives (Vol. 2) - Jay Garrick's Golden Age adventures are presented in this handsome hardcover, an archive featuring an array of stories that would be otherwise unobtainable for most readers.
  • The Flash: Rogue War - Geoff Johns brought a new level of spectacle to the pages of The Flash with "Rogue War," one of his most exciting story arcs, collected in its entirety in this trade paperback.
  • Justice League Heroes - This hot new videogame for the Playstation 2 and Xbox offers players the opportunity to become the fastest man alive--as well as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a bevy of other Justice Leaguers.
  • Justice League Unlimited: Season One - This DVD set is a must-have for any Flash fan as it contains "Divided We Fall," a stunning story in which the scarlet speedster singlehandedly saves the world.
  • Flying Flash Action Figure - Sure, we all know the Flash can't fly, but I'm betting that won't stop any small children from enjoying this particular toy.

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