Thursday, December 03, 2009

FoxTrot (2009)

Another of the comic strips kindly clipped for us from the pages of the Houston Chronicle by our friend Papa Zero, this edition of Bill Amend's FoxTrot offers a bit of commentary on Comic-Con International. Can't make the annual trek to San Diego for the convention? Apparently, all you really need is a bag of rocks, a hammer, and a distinct absence of chairs. Dressed as Superman and the Flash, the FoxTrot characters are engaged in a bit of cosplay, thus revealing one of the practical limitations of the crimson comet's typically streamlined cowl. The strip ran in newspapers on 19 July 2009--appropriately, the week before this year's convention. Thank you, Jason!


Anonymous said...

This has been my desktop wallpaper since it came out! Though, I have the corrected version. The kid dressed as the Flash is actually African American. They corrected for the online version. I love Foxtrot!

Dixon said...

This is you desktop wallpaper, eh? That's an amazing coincidence! The printing error you've noted regarding this particular strip is interesting, too.