Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Quiz: Favorite Reverse Flash?

It's been quite some time since our most recent Quick Quiz poll closed, well past time for us to review the results! With the resurrected Eobard Thawne causing all manner of murderous mayhem in the pages of The Flash: Rebirth, this particular poll asked the blog's readers to rank those deadly doppelgangers who have always been there to menace the monarch of motion. Of all the evil speedsters to have challenged the fastest man alive, who is your favorite Reverse Flash?

Professor Zoom--Eobard Thawne himself, a fanatical madman who lives his life on a backwards timeline, the first supervillain to be referred to as the Reverse Flash--seized a respectable second-place slot by capturing 36% of the vote. Thawne was bested only by his successor, former police profile Hunter Zolomon, the time-bending speedster known simply as Zoom, who dominated this round with an impressive 56% of the total vote. Zoom is, indisputably, the favorite arch-villain here. Inertia, the impish evil twin to Impulse who also adopted the moniker of Kid Zoom, managed to snag a further 6% of the electronic ballots. Not a single vote was cast in support of Dr. Edward Clariss, the Golden Age Reverse Flash known as the Rival. Forty-six readers took part in this poll.

Given the continuing excitement surrounding the events of The Flash: Rebirth, I'm somewhat surprised that Professor Zoom didn't rank higher in this particular poll. Then again, considering the powerful origin story and relatively complex motives granted to Hunter Zolomon by writer Geoff Johns, Zoom stands as an unforgettable arch-nemesis for the fastest man alive. My own vote was cast in favor of Zoom, in fact. Which of the Reverse Flashes do you favor? Do you have a favorite comic story featuring the Reverse Flash? Let us know using the comment facility below.

Of course, as a result of continuing delays, The Flash: Rebrith is now running parallel with an epic crossover event involving countless heroes and their nemeses. Blackest Night has descended upon the DC Universe and the dead are rising to wage war on the living, with both Barry Allen and Hal Jordan at the center of the macabre nightmare! Blackest Night: The Flash resurrects a number of the Flash's fallen foes--Golden Glider, the Top, Captain Boomerang--in frightening new guises. Of these deceased members of the scarlet speedster's Rogues Gallery, who is your favorite Black Lantern? As always, you'll find the Quick Quiz poll in the right-hand sidebar.

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