Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Life During Wartime

Comic icons meet alternate history in photographer Agan Harahap's "If Superheroes Had Fought During Wartime," a Photoshopped photo series featuring familiar superheroes and other prominent pop cultural figures. The scarlet speedster himself makes an appearance in a snapshot set during World War II, apparently aiding in the dissolution of the Wehrmacht. In this case, it's Barry Allen, clad in his distinct and unarguably iconic costume, who takes Jay Garrick's place in the war effort. Harahap, a photographer from Jakarta, currently works for music magazine TRAX. The entire collection can be viewed at the art community My Modern Metropolis.

Scenario: Unknown location, 1945

Following the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht which went into effect on 8 May 1945, some Wehrmacht units remained active, either independently (e.g. in Norway), or under Allied command as police forces. By the end of August 1945, these units had been dissolved, and a year later on 20 August 1946, the Allied Control Council declared the Wehrmacht as officially abolished.

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