Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick Quiz: Cast the Flash!

Hollywood executives, take note! Crimson Lighting has cast the Flash. Our most recent Quick Quiz poll posed a question that has been argued endlessly on the internet ever since the motion picture adaptation of The Flash first entered development hell so many years ago. Which actor should don the iconic crimson costume to play the fastest man alive in the upcoming Warner Bros. film?

The undisputed winner of this particular poll is Neil Patrick Harris, an actor who once voiced Barry Allen in the animated feature Justice League: The New Frontier. Harris received a whopping 40% of the vote, rendering this one of our most decisive polls ever. Seann William Scott, a performer certain to play up the scarlet speedster's sense of humor, earned 7% of the vote. Another 7% of readers looked to Tahmoh Penikett, recently seen on Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse. Joshua Jackson, an actor suggested early on in this casting survey, received support from 3% of the voters. Connor Trinneer also picked up 3% of the ballots. At least 7% of all respondents would like to see Ryan Gosling as the fastest man alive. Only a single vote, 1% of the total, was cast for the talented young Anton Yelchin. 5% of respondents favored Mark Valley, who was recently cast as DC Comics's own Human Target. Paul Walker of The Fast and the Furious fame, an actor instantly associated with speed in the minds of moviegoers, seized 9% of the total vote. At least 12% of all voters cast their ballot in the Other category. Fifty-four eager movie buffs participated in the poll.

It's easy to see why Neil Patrick Harris was this poll's champion, I think. Not only has Harris stepped into Barry Allen's boots once before, he possesses just the right mixture of confidence and nerdy charm to match the character's distinctive personality. As the poll progressed and Harris continued to collect the lion's share of the votes, I found myself imagining Neil Patrick Harris and Ryan Reynolds interacting on screen as Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. (The Brave and the Bold: The Movie? You've sold at least one ticket, Warner Bros.!) The team-up could be fantastically entertaining.

My personal favorite casting suggestion to emerge from this poll, however, was Craig MacD's choice of actor Colin Ferguson, the star of SyFy's Eureka. I'm a great fan of Eureka and I don't know why this particular connection never occurred to me. On screen, Ferguson is dashing, charismatic, and empathetic but also humble, possessing an endearingly self-deprecating sense of humor. Swap out Sheriff Jack Carter's scientific naivety for a touch of scientific genius and the characterization is just about perfect. To my mind, Ferguson could very well be the ideal Barry Allen.

What do you think? Who would you like to see play the scarlet speedster on the silver screen? How did your favorite actor fare in this poll? As ever, I invite you to elaborate on your choice using the comment facility below.

Moving on... With the evil Eobard Thawne coming to dominate The Flash: Rebirth as he reclaims the title of the scarlet speedster's one true arch-nemesis, our next Quick Quiz question provides a simple yet appropriate follow-up to the first ever Crimson Lightning reader poll. Of all the evil speedsters to have challenged the fastest man alive, who is your favorite Reverse Flash?


KentButabi said...

I think there's a better casting option out there than Mr. Harris.

Dixon said...

I know just what you mean, Kent, but I think that the fact that so many readers are gravitating towards Harris tells us a little something about the qualities that the film's leading man must possess. I just can't think of any true movie stars that quite fit the bill! Then again, I'm admittedly terrible at this sort of casting challenge.

Perplexio said...

I prefer Hunter Zolomon over Eobard Thawne... or at least used to.

Before Rebirth Thawne always seemed rather flat and one-dimensional. He's been fleshed out really well in Rebirth though.

I thought Zolomon was given a much more interesting backstory initially, much better motivation as well.

And while I didn't care for Inertia, I thought it was awesome when he became "Kid Zoom" in Rogue's Revenge. I wonder if he'll be resurrected to be Prof. Zoom's sidekick instead of Zolomon's.