Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fast Talk: Super-Speed Vibrations

Super-Speed Vibrations: You didn't think I'd allow our Super Powers Collection celebration to pass without featuring the Flash action figure's mini-comic in our weekly Fast Talk feature, did you? At thirteen pages, the Kenner mini-comic represents quite a compact superhero adventure and the resolution of that story calls, naturally enough, for some serious pseudoscientific shorthand. In the case of our beloved monarch of motion, nothing provides a little scientific wiggle room quite like some high-speed vibrations. Just look to the first ever Fast Talk feature on the subject of reverse-dimensional frequencies, for instance, or our last installment marveling at Gorilla's City's high-tech vibration recorders. Fortunately for the Justice League of America, the alien android Brainiac hasn't caught up to the tech savvy denizens of Gorilla City when it comes to resonance defenses. Though Brainiac's invisible rays--the powers of which are maddeningly vague, incidentally--have captured and incapacitated Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman, the Flash has a built-in counter. "Sorry, Brainy. I began vibrating at super-speed as soon as your beam hit me! Your beam only teleported me to your ship... it never made me unconscious!" It's just that simple... provided the supervillain isn't willing to ask any follow-up questions. This is one of Barry Allen's favorite tricks so, trust me, this isn't likely to be our last look at the crimson comet's capacity for oscillating out of trouble!

Issue: Super Powers Collection #4 (1984)

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